Too Noisy Fish (BE) – 26. April 2014

Jazzahead 2014

Photos: Rolf Schoellkopf – All rights reserved –

Too Noisy Fish are a highly praised piano trio, as well as the rhythm section of the (according to themselves) “slightly deranged” big band Flat Earth Society (jazzahead! showcasing artist 2010). In their trio formation, Vanderberghe, Roseeuw and Verbruggen unreservedly dive into a number of styles: jazz, film, classical, ambient, experimental or rock. Their almost telepathic connection allows for creative twists and turns, taking the audience on a wild adventure.
Line-up: Peter Vanderberghe (p), Kristof Roseeuw (db), Teun Verbruggen (dr)

Rolf Schoellkopf @ 14:01