jazzahead 2011 ♦ Ayse Tütüncü Quartett ♦ Turkish Night 30. April 2011

Pianist Ayse Tütüncü is a composer and improviser, very much aware of jazz and Turkish traditions alike. Her first group Mozaik released four albums until 1995. The name „mozaik“ represented the fusion of rock, western classical music, jazz and also traditional Turkish sounds within their music. Her ever inventive combination of musicians (in this case with piano, bassclarinet and zwei drummers) alongside her daring compositions make appearances of Ayse Tütüncü’s bands always special.  She is the only Turkish jazz musician who records for the famed American Blue Note label.

Photos: Rolf Schoellkopf   – All rights reserved

Rolf Schoellkopf @ 18:46