jazzahead 2011 ♦ Erkan Ogur & Derya Türkan Duo ♦ Turkish Night 30. April 2011

Erkan Oğur & Derya Türkan are two of the most profiled musicians who are deeply rooted in oriental traditions and at the same time transcending them. Erkan Oğur is a pioneer on the fretless guitar which of course fits the tradition of the complex nontempered system of oriental scales (makam) much better than a fretted guitar. Derya Türkan, 20 years younger than Oğur, plays the small Turkish violin kemençe. Both are great improvisers who are open to various styles. Oğur’s unique sound has been featured on innumerable Turkish pop records for many years now, as well as on a few film scores.

Photos: Rolf Schoellkopf   – All rights reserved

Rolf Schoellkopf @ 18:47