Kit Downes Group (UK) – 21. April 2012

Jazzahead 2012

The press unanimously dubs Kit Downes the most promising and impressive young jazz pianist currently on the scene. His inspired play resounds of influences of such music heavyweights as Chopin, Keith Jarett and Chick Corea. Nonetheless, Downes’ compositions exhibit an extraordinary individuality while leaving lots of room for improvisation with his fellow musicians. Even in these free parts, the band maintains an interconnection in their interplay that is hard to find elsewhere.

Line-up: Kit Downes (p), James Allsopp (reeds), Calum Gourlay (b), James Maddren (dr), Semay Wu (clo)

Photos: Rolf Schoellkopf – All rights reserved

Rolf Schoellkopf @ 23:13